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Anti Gravity Yoga at Yoga One

If you haven’t tried anti gravity yoga it! We had a go at YogaOne and it really turned yoga on it’s, ahem, head! 🧘🏽‍

Three point review:

1-#yoga using a piece of material that is hanging from the ceiling...sounds easy right? Wrong!! Basically your upper strength and core will really need to get into gear for this as the only easy part is at the end when you are lying down and swinging, everything else depends on you pushing your self to the unknown (well, if it’s your first time anyway)

2-#fitness score is high on this activity, because you are using so many muscles you may not usually, you will feel it the next day. But we loved the swinging upside down, flipping ourselves backwards and learning to trust that the ceiling won’t fall in when we jumped on the material.

3-#equipment used bonafide antigravity branded material. Made from silk, it can hold a baby elephant and the chains and bolts used to hold it up are specially made too. The teacher is an absolute expert and a pleasure to learn from as she takes it step by step and assists when you need it.

ADRtip: take the fundamentals course first as it will help you to learn all of the names of special moves as well how to respect your material.


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