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Complimentary Breast Cancer Screenings in Abu Dhabi with Burjeel Holdings

In an effort to raise awareness about breast cancer and promote early detection, Burjeel Holdings have started offering complimentary screenings and educational sessions across the UAE, during the month of October.

As a part of the campaign, a mobile screening unit has started traveling across Abu Dhabi and Al Ain during the month, making stops in various locations to offer complimentary breast cancer screenings.

The facilities are observing World Breast Cancer Awareness Month and aiming to reach women over 40 years old or in the high-risk category, making screenings more

convenient and accessible.

The clinicians traveling in the ‘mammogram truck’ will also provide essential education on breast cancer to women, emphasising the significance of self- examinations and the importance of mammograms.

To get your complimentary breast cancer screening, head to the following locations on the dats listed:

  • Deerfields Mall- 14 -15 Ocotber 2023

  • Mazyad Mall- 22 October 2023

  • Hudayriat Island- 28 October 2023

  • Al Zeina Community- 01 - 02 October 2023


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