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Customisable masks with a sense of style

MASKS. We’ve got to wear them, so we’ve been looking into a number of different variations available.

We recently bought a customised mask from and here is what we thought.

#Look of the mask is lovely and the printing of our logo is really professional - we’ve washed it several times and it hasn’t faded.

#Material is 80% polyester and 20% cotton and it doesn’t feel as breathable as other masks we have. They come in two sizes - men’s and women’s and use fitted straps in the same material, but the woman’s was a little too big for our reviewer’s head. We also found the material to be a bit slippery on the face so when we spoke it constantly dropped down. The lack of adjustable straps wasn’t ideal but they were happy to get a tailor in the capital to adjust them for us. We actually asked them to put elastic straps as we wanted a fit that would sit a little tighter on the face.

#Fashion masks are just that, made for fashion. This is 2 layered so it’s important to remember that it’s not the same as a medical mask. They do look good and the abundance of colours means you will always find something to match your outfit. But for the price paid (AED150 + AED30 delivery charge which wasn’t communicated until payment time) we unfortunately don’t feel that it was worth it.