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find a new way of seeing at nyuad art gallery

Let’s talk art. And also, how we look at art. Everyone sees something different right? We’ve just had an exclusive look at Ways of Seeing - the new exhibition in the main gallery space at NYUAD Art Gallery and we’ve really had our eyes opened.

The exhibition brings together 26 artists through 41 works of media from painting, sculpture and photography to sound, film and installation and invites the guests to see things differently.

Inspired by John Berger’s Way of Seeing tv show from 1972, we were treated to art that made you get on your knees and crawl to see it, pieces that you had to look at twice (or in our case three times!) and videos that you could watch over and over again to take in every detail.

#ADRfave - (there is more than one) Map of Days which looks like an old map but is actually a diary of artists Grayson Perry’s life and experiences, the video sequence that looked like a movie but was actually scenes from the same second but from different angles and the yellow cloth that you had to crawl under to see the images underneath.

#ADRtip - it’s at the NYU Art Gallery, next to the Welcome Center and NOT at the NYU Art center.

The exhibition opens on Monday September 3, 2018, with a public reception and curator-led tours from 6-8 pm. If you can’t make that then it’s open until November 17th from 12pm till 8pm (closed Sundays)