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fun city will keep the kids occupied this summer in abu dhabi

School’s out for summer and if you are staying in the heat for the next few months you might be wondering what to do with your little ones... We visited My Works at Fun Works in Yas Mall which is a lovely interactive play centre with around 8 different areas, works, show works, recycle works and bake works, which keep the kids occupied all day.

Three point review:

1-#environment - we started off in Recycle Works where we had to sort all the toy products in to the correct recycling category using the ♻️ stamped on each item. This was all against the clock and we could all get involved in the fun.

2-#culinary - our little one loved Bake Works, where she was able to make her own cupcake. She was dressed in an apron and hair net, was asked to wash her hands and then was taken into the large kitchen to begin baking. We were sat outside the kitchen watching through a window. The cake was baked whilst we played in other zones and once it was ready, the team passed it over to take home (or eat straight away in our case!)

3-#building - the car works area focuses on building a car that can win a race. Built out of Lego kids (and parents) can compete to build the best car which is raced down a track to see who is the fastest. After the race you are handed a trophy and can stand on the winners podium and take a picture. Kids can also build a large car out of foam pieces while they are there, helping to work on their puzzle solving skills.

#ADRfave - we loved Show Works where the kids can get on stage and sing their favourite song or dance. We also loved the supermarket where our little one was given a list and raced round the supermarket to find all the products. Once found she was able to scan them and put them in bags.

#ADRtip - We paid AED99 for the day (we only stayed two hours) but you can also use your @entertainergcc voucher for 241 if you are taking more than one child. (My Works is suitable for five years and up)

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