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Grab a bargain at the UAE’s biggest book sale

The Big Bad Wolf book sale opens today with over 3 million books at discounted prices with up to 80% off.

Located in Studio City, Dubai, the sale is open 24 hours until 20th October and avid readers will find books in every category, from cookery and children’s to graphic novels and biographies.

There are separate English and Arabic stands and they are clearly labelled to so you’ll be able to find the books you need.

There are also cool reading nooks for the kids to relax and immerse themselves in a good story, plus some arts and crafts to enjoy.

This year to get shoppers even more engaged in the reading frenzy there is a competition which requires a quick snap of your books to be posted to Instagram with the hashtags #BBWphotofun and #BBWDXB2019 for the chance to win AED200 vouchers to spend at the sale!

After you’ve finished shopping, there is an area where you can donate books to those in need, and on your way out you can grab a coffee and a snack from the food trucks outside.

Whether you are a keen book worm or you want to buy some gifts, you’ll find everything you need to locate the perfect book - but be warned, you might be in there for hours like us and do a few thousand steps as you make your way round the different stands, so wear some comfy shoes and get your bargain hunting on!

For more information head to their Instagram page

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