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Hammers ready! - The Smash Room finally opens its doors in Abu Dhabi

The Smash Room has opened in a brand-new location, at Nahil Building in Al Rawdah Street W58, Abu Dhabi.

Famed for being a unique way to entertain yourselves, The Smash Room will open its doors every day of the week from 12 noon to 11pm.

What is The Smash Room?

Think about a place that you can quite literally smash objects, in a comfortable and safe space, to release your pent-up frustrations or stress.

Inside, you'll find vibrant pops of colour and graffiti art, and every room has sound insulation, giving you the complete freedom and satisfaction to scream or yell while destroying a range of fragile items, washing machines, printers and more.

You'll be given protective gear to wear and you can choose what to hit with, from a hammer, bat or crowbar

And when you've worked up an appetite, you can head over to The Smash Room Café which offers a variety of mocktails and specialty coffees. There's also the latest Arcade Games installed at the new venue.

What will it cost you?

Euphoria Package

Smash 25 glass items, 1 CPU and 1 printer.

Price: AED 299 per person

Ecstasy Package

Smash 15 glass items and 1 CPU

Price: AED 199 (group of friends)

Bring your own Smashables Package

Whether it’s a gift from a toxic ex or a worn-out appliance, bring it to The Smash Room and smash it to pieces!

Price: AED 69 per person

Whoopee Kids Package

Ideal for families looking for fun activities for their energetic children. Kids between 5–13 years old can smash 5 glass items and 1 DVD.

Price: AED 99 per person

More info here

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