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How Zoflora can help keep your home bacteria and virus free

The pandemic has left a lot of us wanting to disinfect not just ourselves, but our homes too. Zoflora, the UK’s leading concentrated disinfectant offering has been helping households stay germ-free for almost 100 years. And its not just its cleaning power that has increased its appeal, the scents developed are beautifully fragranced and because they are concentrated disinfectants, they provide better value too.

The disinfectant can be used on a wide range of surfaces too, from floors to door handles and counter tops.

Eliminates foul smell and germs

Zoflora’s impactful 3-in-1 action formula not only kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that can cause illnesses and bad odours, but also ensures your home stays smelling beautifully with a long-lasting fragrance.

A fragrance for every room

From crisp and breezy Linen Fresh to uplifting and floral Bluebell Woods, to regionally inspired scent exclusively available in the Middle East, Rose Noir containing notes of Rose and Oud; Zoflora comes in a wide range of luxurious, perfumer developed fragrances to leave your home smelling divine all day-long. Experiment with different fragrances in each room of the home to create your own unique ambience.

Multi-purpose action

Zoflora is extremely versatile and easy-to-use, which means it can be utilized through a range of different cleaning methods including spraying, mopping, wiping etc.

A little goes a long way

Zoflora has a unique concentrated nature that requires dilution making it a value buy for every household. One Zoflora 500ml bottle can make up to 20L of full-strength disinfectant to wipe or mop the surfaces in your home. You can even use it neat for odour elimination and busting bugs down drains, plug holes and toilet bowls.

Priced at AED 39.90, Zoflora fragrances are available to purchase in the UAE online and instore including major ecommerce platforms - Amazon, Noon, Mumzworld, Firstcry, Carrefour and in retail stores: Waitrose, Spinneys, Lulu, Choithrams, Aswaaq, Grandiose, Geant, Union Co-Op, Abu Dhabi Coop, HomeSmith & on apps: NowNow, Instashop, El Grocer.

For more information, please visit: or follow them at @zofloraarabia #zofloraarabia