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Popular Mina Zayed gets an overhaul but businesses remain open

The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) and Modon Properties (Modon) has announced details of the full on renovation plan for the historic Mina Zayed area. 

Already know as one of Abu Dhabi’s iconic landmarks, the project will include a new fish market, plant souk, fruit and vegetable market, meat market, carpet souk, date souk, and a wholesale souk. Existing shops and markets will remain open to public throughout the redevelopment period. Shops will be transferred upon completion of the redevelopment projects, without affecting the businesses in the current markets.

As part of the overhaul, the city will see the demolition of Mina Plaza on Friday 27th November, but retailers have been assured that their businesses can remain open during the redevelopment.

The project will span over three million square meters, and the main objective of this redevelopment is to consolidate all the significant markets and souks into one destination within the retail hub of Abu Dhabi.

Newly proposed Fish Market at Mina Zayed Wharf

If you've ever bought your fish from Mina Port, you know that the main seafood market in Abu Dhabi has been around for over three decades, but don't worry, the existing fish market is included within the master plan development. The architectural elements will be preserved whilst repurposing the interiors to accommodate new shops and other facilities. The new fish market, will be situated nearby to where the current market is.

The structure of the existing plant shops will be retained in terms of space, to be relocated and upgraded to the new souq once ready. The shops will consist of three main components: indoor shop, open and shaded spaces in the front, and small covered areas for circulation.

You'll also find seasonal markets, also known as a pop-ups, which will be located within the Fisherman’s Wharf, allowing retailers and traders alike to showcase their merchandise on a seasonal or short-term basis. Complementing the architectural heritage of the UAE, the seasonal market will provide a permanent location where kiosks can be leased out to seasonal merchants throughout the year. It will also give you a chance to explore diverse shopping options, an array of food and beverage venues, and enjoy leisurely walks along the promenade along the entire Wharf.


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