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Palace in Motion returns to Qasr Al Watan this Ramadan

For the first time during the holy month, you'll get to watch the Palace come to life as you watch the Palace in Motion light and sound show everyday at 7:15pm.

You'll get transported on a journey through time, getting a glimpse of the UAE’s past, present and future through a pretty cool audiovisual display that’s projected onto the façade of the Palace.

The show comprises of three acts merging traditional Emirati instruments with a futuristic twist

to create an immersive experience. With lots of visual effects, the show will highlight the significant achievements and milestones that shaped the nation of the UAE.

The Light and Sound show takes place at 7:15pm until 15th of April.

From 16th of April until 21st of April, the show will take place at 7:30pm.

To book your tickets visit

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