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For the next three months, the Park Bar at @parkhyattabudhabi is serving up a new Asian menu and we LOVED it.

Three Point Review:

1-#food is varied and the menu is extensive but in the right way. From steamed buns and Vietnamese crepes to cold soba and frozen mochi, there really is so much to choose from.

2-#service was excellent from the chefs to the waitresses. They all knew their stuff, were able to make recommendations and were clued up when it came to serving their guests.

3-#prices were reasonable for a hotel outlet. The portion sizes were big so if you order a few dishes and shared them it wouldn’t burn too much of a whole in your pocket.

#ADRfave - we can’t choose between the scrambled egg steamed buns or the vegetable gyoza- but they were both so good!

#ADRtip - kids aren’t allowed in the bar.

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