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scoot your way around Abu Dhabi with Circ

Have you seen black and orange scooters dotted across the capital? They are the Middle East’s first regulator approved e-scooters, that are paving the way for cheaper transport solutions across the capital.

Created by Circ, they are 100% electric, purpose-built for multiple sharing and designed in-house, putting safety at the core of its operations.

Circ's recently launched a variety of packages and passes to suit all of our needs too, making it a little easier to make our way around Abu Dhabi. You can find scooters at the Corniche, Al Dana, Al Bateen and Reem Island in Abu Dhabi and every UAE Circ ride includes comprehensive insurance including personal accident, 3rd party liability and product liability coverage.

Monthly Package

This package offers the most value if you are going to be a regular rider, featuring a choice of:

  • 150 minutes for AED 100 (33% off),

  • 400 minutes for AED 200 (50% off), or

  • 1000 minutes for AED 300 (70% off), including unlimited free unlocks.

Circ estimates the 1000 minute monthly package would provide an average of 100 rides at AED 3 per ride and more than 30 minutes per day, sufficient for a daily round-trip of 3-4 km each way.

Weekly Package

Those that wish to sample a smaller package before opting into a monthly commitment

may choose between two weekly packages:

  • 75 minutes for AED 50 (33% off) or

  • 200 minutes for AED 100 (50% off), including unlimited free unlocks.

Recreational Package

This is for users who may not use it as frequently, who will have the option of Circ’s unlimited ride passes, including:

  • hourly pass for AED 40 (33% off),

  • 2-hour pass for AED 60 (50% off), and

  • day pass available for 24 hours that is priced at AED 100 (96% off).

Packages and bundles can be purchased online at or simply through the Circ mobile application.

How to use it the app (available on Android and iOS phones)

Downloading the Circ mobile app allows you to ‘unlock’ and operate the scooters.

You'll be provided with clear safety instructions, navigational tips and guidelines for correct usage, easy electronic payment options, as well as in-app tutorials.

You don't need to park the scooters in a dock or bay, as the dockless model allows you to pick up and park the scooters within predefined virtual service areas marked within the app. These are monitored via its proprietary geofencing technology to ensure reliability and maximum availability.

Circ maintains its fleet of vehicles twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

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