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Sort your hair out at Glamour Salon in Al Zeina

Sometimes finding a hairdresser who understands your hair, is like finding gold. We were lucky enough to get an appointment at Glamour Hair Salons UAE in #AlZeina for a #balayage, where we found a gem called Blossom.

Three point review:

1-#knowledge was in abundance - about the hair products, what was good for our hair and being quite frank about what would be best to do to it once we were in the chair. Which we appreciated, as we hadn’t done anything drastic to our hair for a really long time.

2-#service from all members of the team was excellent. From suiting us up, to applying and washing out the dye to serving our little one as many hot chocolates as she desired (yes, we had to take her with us this time).

3-#results were clearly evident (see pic). Blossom was quick to tell me exactly what she was going to do, but took the time to ask me questions about the extra colour we wanted, as well as empower us to go a little bolder with our choice. And in the end we are really happy with it.

#ADRfave - they used an @affinageuae toner to bring out the slightly warmer brown town.