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Stretch your body back into shape at a newly opened studio in Abu Dhabi called Dr.stretch

Dr.stretch, the leading brand of specialised assisted stretching studios, has opened its first branch in the UAE, at Boutik Mall on Reem Island, Abu Dhabi.

The team at at Dr.stretch offer one-on-one assisted stretching committed to helping you live a pain-free, happy and fulfilling life. They utilise unique techniques, which were originally created for and applied to elite professional athletes at leading sports clubs. These techniques are shown to improve flexibility and mobility, correct posture, relieve pain, reduce injury risk and improve blood circulation.

Each stretching session is carefully personalised and adapted to suit your needs based on feedback gathered by the expert trainers during the assessment phase of the your stretching journey. The assisted stretching sessions are complemented with detailed post-session stretching instructions to try at home with the aim of improving muscle memory for the long term.

Dr.stretch’s unique and transformative Core Balance Stretch method achieves deep muscle stretching and optimal mobility through an effective fusion of dynamic movements, rhythmic vibrations, and targeted Range of Motion (ROM) techniques. With the promise of increased balance, strength, and vitality across the body, customers depart with a sense of renewed energy.

For a limited time only, first-time clients at Dr.stretch Abu Dhabi are invited to enjoy a 40% saving on their first one-on-one assisted stretch session. Emirates ID must be presented.

For more information, please visit

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