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The Body Coach, Joe Wicks is heading to Dubai!

He will be attempting the Guinness World Record for the largest high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class during the Dubai Fitness Challenge, and you can sign up to be part of it on 26th October!

The health and fitness icon is known for his best-selling books, inspiring exercise regimes and for his eye candy status, and this month he will also be leading an intense cardio session called HIIT30x30 at Skydive Dubai, giving the UAE's residents the chance to break a sweat and a world record at the same time.

Another positive is that it's free-to-attend! The session will feature a 30-minute class with a series of short and intense periods of anaerobic exercises, followed by short recovery breaks.

Wicks already holds the record title himself with a HIIT class of 3,804 participants he led in London in 2017 – and has now called upon the city of Dubai to be ‘In It, Together’ to beat that record.

Don't worry if you aren't a fitness buff, the session promises to be moderate in intensity, with a basic level of fitness required to participate, but in order to break the Guinness World Record, all participants must complete the full 30-minute workout without stopping.

Participation in HIIT30x30 is free, for people aged 18 years and above, with more details and registration available at:

For more information on all events and activities across the city during Dubai Fitness Challenge, please visit the official DFC website:

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