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The circus is coming to Abu Dhabi

Dalma Mall has lots on for you to enjoy and experince this August as part of their 'Summer Fiesta' Attractions' - They've even brought the circus to town!

The Caribbean Circus arrives in town from 8th August until 7th September 2019 and offers two hours of action packed family entertainment. There is ‎something for everyone and as you enter into the large air-conditioned Big Top, you can let the smell of popcorn take you ‎to a different world of amazing entertainment.‎

There‘ll be some amazing feats to watch too - from the Pyramid on High Wire, Colombian acrobats perfroming stunts on the wheel of death, to the highflying trapeze acrobats and a Ukrainian roller duo.

Of course there will be clowns to keep the laughter going, as well as daredevil motorcyclists riding inside the ‎Globe of Death.‎

The circus show will run from 8th August - 7th September 2019 and shows run twice a day at 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM

Ticket Prices:

Bronze: 75 AED

Silver: 100 AED

Gold: 150 AED

Diamond: 200 AED

Tickets will be available online at Platinumlist and also at the Venue.

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