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The perfect five star venue for social distance dining

Want to find a place you'll feel comfortable for dining-out in? We've found somewhere that can help with your re-introduction into Abu Dhabi's dining scene.

St Regis Saadiyat Island have launched a new culinary pop up concept called ‘The Signature 3’ which brings together the best dishes from buddhabarbeachabudhabi, maziabudhabi and #Sontaya in one place, so you can try a bit of everything.

Three Point Review:

1-#Safety - that’s what we are all most concerned about at the moment, right? The Signature 3 is located to the left of the lobby past The Drawing Room. It’s in its own area with tables that are separated away from each other and hand gel is on every table. The team are wearing masks and gloves and the menu is viewed on your phone via a QR code, so you don’t have to handle physical menus. For our first ‘in-restaurant’ dining experience after 3 months, it all felt very safe.

2-#Menu pulled together some of our favourite dishes. We really loved Buddha Bar Beach and Sontaya from previous visits so it was great to reminisce with the flavours that were served to us. We have not been to Mazi before, so we opted to wait till that opens fully to try their dishes in the right ambiance. The crispy lobster

dumplings was by far the best dish in our pescatarians eyes and the mixed salad whilst it might sound a bit bland, was delicious with edamame, radish, bean sprouts and a flavourful miso-Balsamic dressing.

3-#Experience was a pleasant one. The ambiance was calm and quite uplifting, in fact the little one commented on the music, which she thought should be more sedate for the highbrow surroundings we were in, but as grown-ups we actually enjoyed a little bass from time to time! We’d also like to mention how nice it was to see a workforce that was happy to be there. After 2 months, there seemed to be an extra bit of fire in their bellies and it was wonderful to see them so cheery that they were back doing what they do best, even though it’s in a totally different and challenging environment.

#ADRfave- if you are up for dessert, go for the chocolate hazelnut cake with salted caramel - you won’t be disappointed.

#ADRtip- the kids can order things not on the menu like pizza and pasta and she was also able to pick dessert from The Drawing Room cake display.(FYI they had gluten free, sugar free and vegan cakes too)

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