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Tyra Banks launches premium ice cream brand in the UAE

Tyra Banks has already conquered the world of fashion and entertainment, and now the, legendary supermodel and businesswoman will launch her premium ice cream brand, SMiZE & DREAM in the UAE.

Banks announced her intention to expand the brand into the region in early 2022 at an exclusive event in Abu Dhabi and has chosen Brunch & Cake as the place to launch her dessert.

Why Brunch & Cake? Well, it's already known and loved across the country for its boho-chic interiors, creative menu, generous food portions, and friendly service, which shares an undeniable similarity with SMiZE & DREAM: Both concepts are vibrant, colorful and hold a special place for ‘Grandma’, embedded in their brand DNA!

Speaking about the residency, Tyra Banks said, “I’m obsessed with trying new restaurants, so when visiting the UAE last year, Brunch & Cake kept popping up in my searches. So many articles said it had some of the most beautiful locations with food that was gorgeous to the eye (some of the most Instagrammed in the region) and super tasty, too. My family and I had an amazing time grubbing on so many dishes and taking in the jaw-dropping, stunning environment. Plus, the staff was so kind to my mom…showing so much respect to her as the matriarch of our family."

What's makes SMiZE & DREAM different?

Firstly. its got an ultra creamy base reminiscent of a nostalgic hand-churned taste, and secondly, hidden inside every serving is a yummy SMiZE PRiZE - a gourmet cookie dough truffle that comes in a variety of unique flavors.

The SMiZE PRiZE is a tasty reward strategically located at the bottom of every serving, which symbolises digging for your dreams and working hard to make them come true.

What's your flavour?

SMiZE & DREAM’s interactive cups and cones can be filled with flavours like Strawberries & That Salted Cream, Butter Pecan But Betta, Salt & Peppa Sweet Cream, Biscaramel, Purple Cookie Mon-Star & Me, and the cheekily named Not Chocolate! which is grandma-homestyle Vanilla. Banana Baby is the featured vegan option.

The UAE will also have its very own flavour called Chocolate Pistachi-dough which merges cookie dough and a UAE favourite nut, Pistachio.

All servings are housed in a cup or cone, priced at AED 22 for one scoop, AED 38 for two, and AED 54 for three, and are accompanied by a hidden gourmet cookie dough truffle SMiZE PRiZE.

Stay tuned for a sneak peek (or should we stay taste?) coming soon