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Watching a movie at the cinema never felt so good

A movie, dinner brought to you at your seat, reclining chairs AND a pillow and blanket? We've found the perfect combo for the ultimate night out.

We were lucky enough to try out GOLD by Rhodes at VOX cinema, located at Marina Mall and it was a real treat. We watched Avengers Endgame, the last installment of Marvel's phase three of movies. (insert crying emoji here) 😭😭😭

Three Point Review:

1 - #Screen only has 32 seats so it's a real intimate setting. The seats are set a nice distance away from each but not so far that you can't talk to you movie pal (before the film starts obvs).

2 - #Menu is extensive. We chose our food before we went into the screen and could basically have a three course meal, with starters, main and dessert. The food is brought to you during the film by the customer service reps, which for some might cause an issue, but we didn't mind. Each table has a call button that you can press and the team would be right there to serve you. (See menu below)

3 - #Ambiance - we thought it was a lovely to watch the film in this environment. With a pillow and blanket to make us even more comfy and huge leather seats that recline to an almost lying down position, you could be forgiven if you caught forty winks while you were there (we didn't because, well...Avengers Endgame and we couldn't miss a minute).

#ADRfave - we really liked the halloumi skewers from the menu and the signature hotdog was a hearty meal for the flick.

#ADRtip - it's not a cheap night out by any means. Tickets cost AED138.50 each and food/drink is extra on top. But for a special night out or a movie extravaganza night, we would recommend it as an option.