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Permanent hair removal is finally possible with Furless

Looking for a permanent hair removal option? We've found just the place and have an exclusive 25% off discount code for everyone to use!

With restrictions easing across the country and more places open, a lot of us ladies will be thinking about what to do next, in terms of hair removal. Over a month of no access to salons (be it by choice or because they are closed) has meant that body and facial hair has had the chance to be free and grow to its hearts content!

For anyone that follows our Instagram profile @abudhabireview, you'll know that before the city was advised to stay at home, I was trying out electrolysis - famed for being a permanent hair removal technique.

Being of Indian heritage makes me a little more susceptible to darker fur across the body and therefore having to undertake the massive chore of removal appointments on a bi-weekly basis. Having heard mixed reviews about laser treatments and spending half my life threading, waxing or shaving, I've always been on the look out for something that will get rid if it forever and almost 30 years on, I think I've found it.

Furless Permanent located in the Mushrif area of Abu Dhabi, offered to provide me an advanced, inclusive and permanent solution to eradicate hair on the body and face. They work with state-of-the-art equipment, industry experts and use a sustainable business approach to ensure they are providing the most effective and safest permanent hair removal for both women and men.

The Treatment

First and foremost the salon offers a customised approach to your hair removal. The introduction step in the process is to have a consultation to determine what you want to remove, how much time you will need and for you to ask any burning questions you may have. The great thing about electrolysis is that it works on a variety of hair types, and sometimes the darker or thicker, the better!

Following the consultation you will make an appointment to clear the area/s where you want to remove hair. This can take from 2 hours plus depending on the area, so do bear in mind that the first appointment will not be a speedy process. However, as the sessions continue you will find that your time spent on the comfy bed becomes shorter because there will be less hair to remove.

How does it work?

Technical explanation: Localised heat or sodium hydroxide is applied to the root of each hair individually, destroying all sources of hair growth forever, making the hair unable to grow again. Unwanted hairs are removed without resistance during the process.

My explanation: The thinnest, tiniest probe (bit like a needle) is continually inserted into hair follicles and zapped with heat. Once the root has been zapped it should stop the hair growing back again. If you are anything like me, you may have more than one hair coming out of one follicle so even though it's been zapped once, you will likely need that follicle zapped again on your next visit.

Did it hurt? Funnily enough it didn't and I am a terrible wimp when it comes to pain. Of course I could feel something being stuck into me but there wasn't any actual pain. I started with probably one of the most sensitive areas of the face - the upper lip - so after that, no other areas really hurt. (I usually fall asleep through most of it!)

Eyebrows - before and after electrolysis treatment

The results, so far:

I was half way through the process before Covid-19 hit and the city went into lockdown, but I noticed during my time in quarantine that it was almost 2-3 weeks before I really started to see full growth coming back in the areas that had only been zapped once. The areas that had been through electrolysis more than once, were growing at a much slower rate, and I felt the growth was thinner and in some places I saw no re-growth at all.

#ADRTips for prior to the treatment:

  • Drink 2 litres of water every day (at least two weeks before your treatment starts)

  • Moisturise your skin with water based moisturisers twice a day

  • Cleanse your skin as much as possible

  • Doing all of this makes your skin more supple, less dry and less painful during the treatment

  • If you do have a low pain threshold, you could try numbing cream if that has worked for your previously with other hair removal techniques

#ADRTips for post treatment

  • Use Aloe Vera on your skin especially after treatment it helps to cool it down and prevent any redness and swelling

  • Ice is great for bringing down any swelling too

  • Invest in the different creams they have on offer, they really do help with infections and red spotting

  • Go back as soon you notice hairs growing, it can take 15 mins to get rid of those hairs that just start to peak out, and it means that you can catch them and get rid of them for good!

  • If you do get stuck in the house for an extended period length of time, they advise you to shave the areas being treated, to ensure you don't reverse the effect of electrolysis.

Things to note

  • This is not a quick process. Don't expect to visit twice and be hairless forever. It does take time, but the difference you will see will almost be immediate. For example, I've seen a much slower growth of my eyebrows from the first treatment.

  • Initially, appointments can take hours depending on your hair situation and you'll probably wonder why you are putting yourself through it, but actually as time goes on, your appointments will become shorter and shorter and you will miss being there for extended periods of time!

  • May 2020 - Currently only 30% of their therapists are working in accordance with Government guidelines and no walk-ins are allowed. Check out their guidelines during Covid-19 here

We cannot wait to go back to continue our sessions, as we are already seeing a difference and we have something to help you try it out too:


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Furless Permanent is located at Shop 4, Block C16, Sector E22, Al Darrah St, Muroor Rd

You can contact them via What's App for appointments on 052 961 8480

Find our more information at