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WILD opens to women in Abu Dhabi as they continue their quest for gender equality

Female networking platform WILD, opens the door to its unique membership the WILD Women Collective (WWC), which is designed to bring women across the region together to learn mastery and excellence in creating balanced success.

WILD’s mission is to empower and support women in the Middle East to rise as leaders in their quest for gender equality. With the membership, every woman is guided through the WILD movement, the valuable principles to creating WILD success, fulfilment, and meaning, via four key pillars including leadership, wellness, self-leadership, and power skills.

In May 2023, WILD held it's first female networking event in Abu Dhabi. Hosted at Conrad Etihad Towers by the founder of WILD, Emma Burdett, the event brought together over 40 female leaders in the UAE, to share skill sets, experiences and to connect.

"Our WILD Abu Dhabi Launch was all we hoped for. A tremendous success and a start of our WILD expansion across the Gulf. I am so proud to scale the WILD movement and trailblaze gender equality. Giving women all they need to rise as leaders. We are just getting started. Thank you Abu Dhabi Review for your partnership. Together, we can make a difference" Emma Burdett.

The event hosted speakers including Emma Banks, Vice President, F&B Strategy & Development Europe,Middle East and Africa at Hilton, Noura Yassin, Director at Aldar, Fatima Balfaqeeh (FCIArb C.Arb, MRICS, FCIPS), Founding Partner at Balaqeeh Advocates and Daniela Rossi Founder of Unlimited Podcast Platform. Here's is what they had to say:

"WILD gave us the chance to share personal and professional experiences which covered a wide range of relevant topics. The networking opportunities were abundant, and I had the chance to connect with industry leaders and experts" Noura Yassin

"WILD continues to inspire, motivate and elevate women beyond boarders and beyond prejudices. This event was exceptional with open dialogue and the building of authentic relationships. Together we are stronger." Daniela Rossi

"I was honored to join a series of incredible and diverse women all talk around a variety of themes supporting the morning’s hero topic of “Harnessing the Power Within”. I spoke about “The Power of Personal Impact” and am filled with gratitude for all the wonderful feedback I have heard from so many inspiring women I met on the day." Emma Banks

WILD Women Collective (WWC) is the only women’s network to connect women across borders. Created for the corporate woman, the unique membership is about creating a close-knit community and nurturing personal growth.

Some of the skill and support topics they've already covered include: meditating for results, presenting with impact, managing conflict, and setting boundaries, and taking care of health and well-being.

Benefits include monthly themes for areas of growth, live coaching, practical application, VIP meetups, networking across borders and more.

Founding members phase rate is AED333 monthly or AED 3,333 per year till the 6th of June 2023.

For more information, or to become a member, visit

For more information on WILD, please visit

Scroll to take a look at the first WILD Women event in Abu Dhabi

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