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Abu Dhabi is home to groundbreaking achievement in Veterinary Medicine at The British Veterinary Centre

The British Veterinary Centre in Abu Dhabi has announced a groundbreaking achievement in veterinary medicine, becoming the first facility in the MENA region to successfully perform canine mitral valve repair surgeries in Spring 2024.

This milestone, led by an expert team of veterinarians and supported by advanced equipment, marks a significant advancement in canine cardiac care in the UAE and beyond.

Mitral valve disease is the most common heart condition affecting dogs globally, and traditional medical management can delay but not prevent physical decline and eventual heart failure.

Successful valve repair eliminates the need for long-term medication, allowing dogs to live normal lives.

The British Veterinary Centre undertook the challenge to pioneer mitral valve repair procedures for dogs in the region. On the team is Prof. Katsuhiro Matsuura, DVM, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor in Open-heart Surgery at the Small Animal Clinical Sciences, University of Florida, USA, and Dr. Jose Botte, Senior Veterinarian and Cardiologist at the British Veterinary Centre, Abu Dhabi, led the 7-person surgical and perfusion team.

They performed a series of three cases in urgent need of valve repair, with one case having a life expectancy of only one month without surgery. The furry patients underwent meticulous preparation, with cardiopulmonary bypass allowing the heart to be stopped for intricate valve repair.

Following the successful completion of all three surgeries, intensive post-operative care was provided, and the outcomes for all three were excellent. Normal life spans without medication are now expected for these patients. This achievement heralds a new era in veterinary cardiac care in the MENA region, offering hope and improved quality of life for countless dogs suffering from mitral valve disease.