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Eat. Play. laugh Brunch on the roof

The Eat. Play. Laugh. Brunch at Marriott Hotel Downtown, Abu Dhabi is located on The Grill@25, an outdoor space on the 25th floor with a pool.

Three point review:

1-#atmosphere is brilliant. They have an awesome DJ playing RandB music (which they didn’t have at it’s originals location, Kuzbara), fun games like Jenga and beer pong, as well as an illusionist who literally blew our minds!

2-#food offering is not massive, but we liked that. There are live stations including chaat, grills and roasts as well very cool cocktail bars. We enjoyed the salads and soup and while there wasn’t a huge amount of hot veggie food, the chefs were happy to make it for us. (We didn’t need it as there was enough for us to eat). Puds were pretty, but some tasted a little too much of marzipan. The ice cream bar had a variety of flavours too.

3-#GrownUps only at this brunch as it isn’t suitable for kids. It had a real party vibe and was bright and airy. It is open in some places so as the weather begins to get warmer it may feel a little like a green house, however there are plans to add fans and a/c units should it get hotter.

#ADRfave - try the Hibiscus margarita- it tastes like candy floss! (Make it frozen!)

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