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go crazy for shakes at black tap, yas mall, abu dhabi

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes Abu Dhabi has finally opened in Yas Mall. The popular New York restaurant is already a huge hit in its two locations in Dubai, and with its instagrammable crazy shakes we think it will just as sought after, in our capital.

Three point review:

1-#food options are quite varied considering this place is famous for its milkshakes. We tried their craft burgers - the vegan burger was a patty made out of black beans and we enjoyed it. The Texan burger was hit with our meat eater. We also tried teriyaki broccoli which was so tasty and the guac and chips, which we didn’t like at all as the guac was drowned in vinegar and pickled onions. If you aren’t into burgers, check out their range of salads too!

2-#milkshakes are exactly what they call them - CRAZY! They have seven crazy shakes from cotton candy to sweet N salty. They are very cleverly put together with ingredients both inside and outside the glass - and of course completely instagrammable!

3-#sweet lovers should definitely go along to try it out. There are lots of sugary drinks like slushies and jarrittos as well as old school drinks like pink lemonade.

#ADRfave: the teriyaki broccoli was delicious - not something we expected on the menu.

#ADRtip - the place is new so cut the team a bit of slack. They are knowledgeable about the menu but we felt that at the beginning there weren’t really listening to us - but we put that down to them being excited to show off their new cool place.