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grab a little L'arte with lunch

We tried out at @manaratalsaadiyat for lunch, and we were impressed!

Three point review:

1-#food - what a delight! They’ve kept it simple with traditional Italian dishes but the quality is excellent. We tried the burrata pugliese which was surrounded by thinly sliced courgette and dressed in lemon - we found the lemon a little too tart for our taste. The truffle and mushroom risotto was absolutely delicious and not heavy like a normal risotto can be. Dessert was innovative with a deconstructed tiramisu where you had to dip the biscuits into the coffee and then into the cream!

2-#venue - nothing has really changed in the structure of the interior building but they have added some lovely art pieces in keeping with the design location.

3-#prices are little on the high side. AED 90 for a risotto is a little bit pricey in our eyes, even thought it was so tasty!!

#ADRfave - the polenta fries were good. Enough crunch to go with the soft filling, and enough for two.

#ADRtip - of you have dietary requirements then please check all the dishes you order, as the labelling on the menu is not correct. A number of dishes we almost ordered had ‘V’ next to it but when we asked about the ingredients, they weren’t actually veggie.


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