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Halo Top - The Low Calorie ice cream, you can't live without

We were sent a little surprise from the wonderful Halo Top UAE team in the shape of six pint tubs.

And just like that they’re gone. Halo Top Creamery came into our lives in purple cool bag and left us, one empty container at a time.

Three Point Review:

1-#Calories are low in these sweet treats. They can range from 280-360 calories per tub, making them the perfect after dinner dessert, without the guilt.

2-#flavours are inventive for a low calorie dessert. From Cinnamon Roll to Birthday Cake 🎂 they have something to suit every taste bud.

3-#price wise, it’s not that different from a normal ice cream pint, give or take a few dirhams. We would definitely choose these over traditional ice cream brands because we feel less gluttonous after eating them.

#ADRfave - we can’t decide if Birthday Cake or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is our favourite. (Might have to try them again - you know, for research...)

#ADRtip - EAT THEM. That is all. 🍨


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