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International Dining near ADNEC

If you are in the Adnec area you could try out Tamarind restaurant in Capital Centre Arjaan by Rotana their all day dining restaurant.

1-#menu is quite exciting when you read it, it’s contemporary with its language - boards, bowls, pots etc - and in the main part the food was good. The best dish for us was the quinoa cauliflower tabbouleh, which was fresh, crunchy and a large portion. The veggie burger used a nice seeded brioche style bun. 2-#ambiance - the place was quiet, there was one member of staff running (actually running) from the welcome desk to everywhere she needed to go within the restaurant. That was distracting as there wasn’t really anyone else in the restaurant. 3-#the service was ok, I think we caught them at the beginning of service and they weren’t ready for us. The waiter was nice enough but not particularly confident in answering our questions. The burger was supposed to come with cheese but it didn’t but he sort of fobbed it off, and in the end we told him we didn’t want it, as we’d finished the patty by then.

#ADRtip - be clear in your ordering and keep asking questions if you have dietary requirements.