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KFC and Pizza Hut join forces to bring a new pizza to the UAE

Can’t choose between Pizza Hut Or KFC? Now you can have both.

Pizza Hut Middle East has teamed up with KFC Arabia to bid adieu to 2020 with everyone’s favourite bits of Pizza Hut and KFC, that’s right - you’ll soon be able to get your hands on the ultimate finger lickin’ dish – the KFC Chicken Pizza.

The all new KFC Chicken Pizza starts with Pizza Hut’s famous Pan dough base, which is then layered with peppery gravy, cheesy goodness and juicy sweetcorn, topped off with succulent KFC chicken pieces and KFC Twister mayo, with KFC’s Spicy Sprinkle finishing the taste-sensation.

It will be available to order from Pizza Hut at and across its delivery partners in the UAE while stocks last.


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