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Take a spin class 225 metres up in the air

MOTION joins forces with The St. Regis Abu Dhabi for a second year, to bring back the UAE’s highest spin class.

The high-intensity, full-body workout from MOTION is usually set in a dark candlelit room is designed to inspire, motivate, and raise your soul while burning up to 1000 calories per session.

On Friday 11th November, riders can take part in an unforgettable open-air class at 255 metres high on the helipad of St Regis Abu Dhabi.

Eight instructors will lead four classes under an iconic light show set to the rhythm of a high-energy playlist.

MOTION has collaborated with three different wellness brands to sponsor the rides: The Giving Movement, Ole Henriksen, and Humantra. Sharing MOTION’s core values of diversity, inclusion, and innovation, each brand will be offering exclusive goodie bags and branded merchandise for the event.

Date: 11th November 2022

Price: 300 AED

Booking opens: Friday 4th November 2022 at 6PM – registration link on MOTION’s Instagram page (@motion_cycling)


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