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Check out the ultimate brunch experience in Abu Dhabi

What are you doing for Brunch this weekend?

We loved brunch at COYA Abu Dhab, where it wasn’t only the drinks flowing, but the food too!

Three Point Review:

1-#Food was not only constantly available throughout the brunch, it tasted pretty good too. Peruvian food is known for slightly stronger flavours than some of us are used to, but we enjoyed eating a different type of cuisine for brunch. The sheer amount of options on offer were incredible too. From starters brought to your table, to small stations where you grab ceviche and salads, plus mains and desserts served la carte alongside small dishes being brought round to your table, there was so much that we were rolling out at the end!

2-#Service was also impeccable – and we don’t say that much in the capital unfortunately. The team knew exactly what was in each dish, they were extremely open and knowledgeable about dietary requirements and made sure that no body’s glass was empty.

3-#Price point was desirable, from AED 238 for the soft drinks package to AED378 for house and AED498 for bubbles. We thought this was a good deal because at 12.30pm you are invited to start your afternoon in the Pisco Bar & Lounge where you can begin consuming beverages before you even sit down!

#ADRfave – The sweetcorn soup was an absolute favourite and a nice lighter addition to the heavier dishes.

#ADRtip - get there on time so can make the most of the beverages on offer at the Pisco Bar & Lounge

Brunch at COYA Abu Dhabi

Non-alcoholic package: AED 238

House beverage package: AED 378

Bubbles package: AED 498

Telephone: +971 02 306 7000