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Abu Dhabi

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West is Best when dining at Yas Mall

There are so many fab places to eat at Yas Mall, and when we were invited to West to West Kitchen by its cool owner, we wanted to give it a go. Located in Urban Retreat, a food incubator with lots of different food options, West is West serves up Caribbean and West African food with authenticity at the heart of its offering.

Three Point Review:

1 - #Choice of dishes was quite large for a small unit, and they had options for vegetarians/vegans too. They had variety of separate mains dishes and sides, but we liked the idea of set meals which included mains sides and a drink - thought it would be better value and it was.

2 - #Food was full of flavour. For the vegetarian there was Awojoh Binch Meal (spiced black eyed beans), plantains, West to West salad and a drink. Sada roti was supposed to be included but they didn't have any on the day we were there. The meat eater had Baked Jerk Chicken West to West style meal which included a special Jerk chicken sauce, rice and peas plus salad and a drink. We also ordered the sweet potato fries which were honestly so yum, we could have two plates!

3 - #Value - AED 45 for the Awojoh Binch meal and AED 55 for the Baked Jerk Chicken meal was pretty good value especially when we saw the portion size. To be honest we powered through it because we were enjoying it too much, but we probably should have have stopped two thirds of the way through.

#ADRtip - Speak to the lovely team when you are there as they will explain everything to you. They were great in telling us what everything was and what they thought would be best for out palates.

#ADRfave - those sweet potato fries are sooooo good and are white in colour. The Awojoh Binch is delicious too.

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