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A first look at the new Abu Dhabi children's library and Theatre opening in September!

The new Children’s Library and Theatre at Al Hosn’s Cultural Foundation will be located in the Al Hosn cultural site

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) has announced that the much-anticipated opening of the Abu Dhabi Children’s Library and a new theatre at the Cultural Foundation, will take place on 4 September 2019.

The library and theatre will provide additional learning and performance spaces for the city and going forward will play a major role in Abu Dhabi’s programme of cultural events.

The Abu Dhabi Children’s Library is spread over three floors, with the 5,250 square metre facility divided into several age-appropriate, social spaces.

It's been designed with inspiration from pop-up books in mind, so the library boasts several three-dimensional learning and play spaces in which children can physically immerse themselves to become part of a story.

Each floor has a different design concept reflecting the rich and diverse landscapes of the UAE. The library is expected to become a valuable resource for school groups, young people and families from across the emirate.

Aside from its cutting-edge collection of books and other interactive learning materials, the Abu Dhabi Children’s Library will also host an engaging, year-round public programme for children and their families.

STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, art and maths) programmes, workshops and exhibitions are designed to encourage creativity and the development of lifelong learning skills.

The library offerings include writing, storytelling and filmmaking activities to help young people master presentation and communication tools, which are key for success in the 21st century workspace. The new library aims to foster an environment where families can learn together while encouraging an appreciation of arts and culture.

The Abu Dhabi Childrens Library will be promoting literature and encouraging a love of reading and it will house a large and diverse collection of print materials and electronic resources that celebrate Emirati and world literature along side promoting creativity and learning. With an emphasis on excellence, the library facilities and programmes will promote literacy, lifelong learning, creative thinking and community development. The library has been designed according to the Four Rooms Model, the latest design model for public libraries, and ensures the availability of spaces for Inspiration, Learning, Performance and Meetings.

Meanwhile, the Cultural Foundation’s renovated 900-seat theatre will showcase world-class contemporary, popular and home-grown performing arts, including music, dance, and theatre, in the heart of the city. The theatre will be a prime venue for performing arts in Abu Dhabi and will host a year-round artistic programme dedicated to families and youth.

Some of the upcoming events include headline performances and premieres such as Naseer Shamma and the 2350 BC Orchestra, “One Hundred and One Nights” by the Caracalla Dance Theatre, the “Artist of Arabs” Mohammed Abdo, and a special performance by the Emirati pop star Mehad Hamad.

The theatre is set to become a hub for artistic talent from across the region and will be a welcome platform for the UAE’s musicians, performers and actors. A full programme of upcoming performances will be released at a later date.

Located in downtown Abu Dhabi, Al Hosn is the original urban block of the city and comprises Qasr Al Hosn fort, the Cultural Foundation, the historic National Consultative Council building and the House of Artisans. Today, it is considered an urban monument that reflects the evolution of Abu Dhabi to one of the world's most magnificent, modern cities, and is emblematic of the proud cultural heritage of the UAE, bringing to life the rich fabric of its history, people and traditions.

The Abu Dhabi Children’s Library and theatre will officially open on 4 September 2019. For more information about the programmes of Al Hosn and its assets, please visit