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a pitch black dinner in a haunted hospital awaits at noir, fairmont dubai

Have you ever eaten in the dark? No, we don't count sneaking some biscuits while the other half sleeps!

This October, the multi-award-winning dining in the dark concept, Noire, at Fairmont Dubai invites guests on a blood-curdling culinary adventure to experience an eerie take on 5-star gourmet cuisine in pitch darkness.

The story goes like this...

Legend has it that many years ago there was a hospital for the visually impaired on the current grounds of Fairmont Dubai. According to the local legend, patients started disappearing mysteriously at the hospital some 55 years ago, eventually forcing its closure. Amongst them, a young dark-haired woman, dressed in white, who can every now and then be seen wandering around the floors of the hotel…

The creepiest (and quite possibly the last) dinner of your lifetime starts the moment you’ll step onto the elevator in the hotel lobby. Don’t be afraid, it’s only going to take you on a jerky descent into your worst nightmares.

During the three-course dinner in the haunted canteen, your sense of sight gets removed in order to heighten taste, smell, sound and touch throughout the 90-minute dining experience. All nurses at your service are equipped with night-vision goggles, to assist patients throughout their journey in a fully blackened out setting.

The 1,5-hour multi-sensory dining experience includes a three course menu with paired beverages, and a post-dining reception (in the light) to discuss the featured menu with the ch(i)ef-surgeon, which to be warned – is not for the faint-hearted.

Priced at AED360 with soft beverages and AED399 with grape pairing per person.

Haunted dining in the dark experience at Noire is available from 1st – 31st October 2019, from Mon - Sat at 7:30pm (Noire does only one seating per evening by reservation only).

Advance bookings are required and can be made via phone: +971 4 311 8316 or email: