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Alana Barraj brings your favourite hits to Abu Dhabi and you can sing along too!

Fancy watching a one of a kind show filled with your favorite songs from Broadway, animated film hits, plus folk and pop legends? Guess what? You can!

An Evening with Alana Barraj at The Red Theater at NYUAD promises a cabaret show with all of that and more, to make it a night like no other!

When asked what we can expect from the show, Alana Barraj commented:

This is not a recital, or a ‘sit be quiet for 90 minutes’ kind of gig. This is an interactive, sing-a-longing, dance in your seat and cheer whenever you want to kind of show, that is promising to leave you with a smile on your face and tune stuck in your head. There is something for everyone, whether you are into jazz , musicals, or stand up - it’s a complete mix of things aimed at you having a shared experience with everyone else in the room.

An Evening with Alana Barraj (Cabaret Show)

When: Friday, Mar 15 @ 8pm

Where: The Red Theater at NYUAD

For more info, visit: