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Get lost in The Wonder Maze

Umm Al Emarat Park is inviting you to experience The Wonder Maze, the largest mobile maze in the world. covering around 3,000 square metres, the challenge is to find your way to the 5-metre high viewing platform or as we called it, the tower!

The maze has been designed in modules with different paths and corners which are regularly changed. Suitable for all ages, it is a fun challenge and you can bring your friends and family along!

The Wonder Maze took over 30,000 man hours to put together and can take 'mazers' up to 40 minutes to complete.

There are special quiz sheets for the kids who can add to their fun, by finding secret animal/letter codes which they decipher to complete a phrase. Once completed they can hand it in at the exit for a certificate and prize.

The Maze is open from 9am - 11pm and costs Dh35 (on top of the additional Dh5 to enter the park) for a single pass or AED70 for a full day. For kids under 100 centimetres, it's free.

For more information on the Wonder Maze, head here:


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