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Don't miss this safari and staycation in Abu Dhabi

Fancy being amongst wild animals on a remote island? We've just visited a safari resort 2 hours from the capital and our adventures have made memories for the whole famiy.

Three Point Review:

1 - #resort houses three different properties, xx xx and xx. Each hotel offers its own theme, whether you are looking for luxury, a more rustic surrounding or something a little different. We stayed in an Al Yamm Villa which provided us with a room on the beach, like literallty on the beach where we would often see ducks, gazelle and other animals saying hi in the morning.

2 - #food outlets were pretty good. We wernt sure what to expect but we were pleasantly suprised. Our favourite meal was in Amwaj, which is traditionally a seafood restaurant but served something for all dietary requirements. Breakfast was small but of good quality and it was nice to have freshly cooked eggs as opposed to the nromal massive buffets.

3 - #activites and facilities were brilliant. We went on a morning safari where got up close to the animals (think giraffes, gazelle, buffalo and cheetahs!) and learnt about the history of the island which we found fascinating. They had lots of pools (one at each property) and we could use all of them. The pool at the main resort was so warm that it was like stepping into a lovely warm bath. You can also take the bikes out on a trip around the Island.

#ADRfave - being around animals in the 'wild' was such an amazing experience for the little one and for us too.

#ADRtip - go to the other resorts and check them out. You can dine in all the restraunts and use the facilites in all of them. The ferry from the port to the island inly goes at certain times - 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and 11pm so choose your timing wisely. Arriving at 12am and your room not being ready as requested, is painful.

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