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Is this the most luxurious cookie box in the UAE?

Indulgent sweet treats, golden tickets, and a box the size of a small suitcase… Cookie Conspiracy is delivering luxury cookies to your door, and let’s just say, you’ll get a gigantic experience.


And we are not just talking about the rather large box which fits 12 artisan cookies and needed two of us to open it! The weight of each of these bad boys (and girls) hits around 140-160 grams! (almost double a normal cookie)

Each cookie is individually sealed to ensure optimum freshness, and you’re given instructions on whether you should eat them hot or cold. You can stick the cold ones in the fridge and the rest can be left out until you are ready to warm them. You can even freeze them for a month, helping you to enjoy the experience for longer.


Here's the twist – each flavour is an exclusive, limited-time drop, and once the drop has closed, those flavours are gone forever. That’s not all. In one specially crafted box lies a special golden ticket and each month, one lucky winner will unveil a cool prize.

We were sent the AREA 51 box which included flavours such as The Encore, a nod to the famous Cherry Bakewell, Get those Brownie points, with salted caramel and chunks of brownie, and Say a little praline for you, which features their signature dough stuffed with praline cream and when heated, was oozing like a volcano and tasted like everything we imagined it to be.

The boxes retail at AED 500 and can only be ordered on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so if you miss the deadline you’ll have to wait for the following week – and that, friends, is just the way the cookie crumbles.