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New children's book hopes to shed spotlight on disability and acceptance amongst young people

Jessica Goes to School is a story about embracing who you are and what makes you different. The story follows Jessica and her excitement for her first day of school. She can't wait to meet her new teacher and make friends, but the day moves in an unexpected direction when a boy points out that Jessica only has one arm.

Written by Australian Paralympic swimmer, and advocate for positive body image, diversity & inclusion, and disability awareness, Jessica Goes to School is part of her new ‘Just Jessica’ series for children. The book includes illustrations by Hasina Shafad, and is a good bedtime read if you’re looking to encourage chats around important topics about our world.

Inspired by her own journey into parenthood, Jessica’s books are written around the themes of disability and acceptance. After growing up with her own limited resources on these topics, Jessica wanted to create characters that represent, what and who, kids see in everyday life.

The next books in the series, Jessica Goes Swimming and Jessica Joins the Band, are set to come out later this year.

Jessica Goes to School is available from March 15th, via The Dreamwork Collective, on and in local bookstores.

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