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More than 150 activities planned to promote a culture of reading as Abu Dhabi celebrates Reading Month 2024

MAKTABA, the Library Management department within the Culture Sector at the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) will host a range of events and activities during Reading Month 2024.

This year’s celebration will coincide with the Holy Month of Ramadan and will see a number of planned cultural evenings across Abu Dhabi.

MAKTABA's cultural programme for Reading Month and Ramadan offers over 150 different events and workshops, to include programmes, seminars, reading workshops, and activities for children, students, young adults, adults, and people of determination.

The lineup also includes literary evenings during the Holy Month and the launch of initiatives like '31 Essays… 31 Days' where excerpts from 31 books will be chosen for adults to read over the course of 31 days and the community-driven 'MAKTABA’s Bazaar’ for families in the Al Dhafra Region.

As part of MAKTABA's offerings during Reading Month 2024, Arabic Calligraphy Week will feature workshops and professional courses in different styles of Arabic calligraphy. Additionally, there'll be an 'AI and Reading' workshop, aiming to reinforce the culture of reading and contribute to cultivating a knowledgeable and scientifically informed reading society.

During Ramadan, MAKTABA will host weekly educational competitions for children on the Holy Month, along with reading workshops covering children's tales and stories of the prophets. The 'Ramadan Majlis' will feature interactive workshops, cultural and entertainment activities, as well as competitions throughout the month of Ramadan.

For more information about MAKTABA’s events during Reading Month, please visit: