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Record breaking roller coasters come to this Dubai Theme Park

Two new record breaking rides at Dubai Parks and Resorts will launch this weekend. The world’s first rollercoaster inspired by Lionsgate’s global hit action John Wick franchise, and the world’s fastest single-car spinning rollercoaster inspired by the popular twists and turns of heist thriller franchise Now You See Me, will be available in the Lionsgate Zone at MOTIONGATE™ Dubai.

The John Wick: Open Contract ride is a 10-story high 4D free spin roller coaster set over a 310-metre track delivering G-force of up to 2.8 Gs. You'll begin your journey at the iconic Continental Hotel before embarking on an intense, action-packed journey that recreates John Wick’s perilous adventures, as the coaster races down a 4D track that offers forward and backward freestyle spins!

The Now You See Me ride is a mind-bending heist thriller where a group of magicians pull off daring heists to expose the antics of a criminal mastermind. You'll experience the film’s masterful misdirection in real-time through a series of optical illusions, magic shows, and immersive storytelling. The ride itself will reach speeds of up to 70km per hour while you are sat on the world’s fastest single-car spinning coaster with non-inverted loops and a 500-meter long track. The coaster’s first drop is almost seven stories high and includes an underground experience.

There's more than 100 thrilling family friendly rides, record-breaking attractions, roller coasters, memorable character meet and greets, captivating shows and live entertainment at Dubai Parks and Resorts™ and perfect for all ages.

For more information and to buy tickets from 21 January 2022, visit or contact Dubai Parks and Resortscall centre on 800-AMAZING (2629464)