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The coolest Dental clinic in Abu Dhabi for kids and grown ups

Going to the dentist has never been fun, has it? The sound of the drill, the noise of the sucking machine and the dreaded bright light in your face, can only mean you might be there for a while. Well, luckily for Abu Dhabi, Sno Dental has arrived in the capital - and going to see the tooth doctor need not be as nerve-racking!

The clinic is a modern, state of the art hub with cutting-edge technology and a moral ethic to look after their patients in the most minimally invasive way possible. But it's not just adults that will like this place - children are treated like mini VIPs with their own waiting area and BFF dentist.

We took our little one for her first ever dental appointment and in the run-up to it, she was pretty scared. She'd never been before and previous trips to the GP have not been too pleasant, so she didn't really know what to expect.

The first thing to set her mind at ease was being led to the kids' waiting area - a wonderland of toys, colouring and even racing car seats for the PlayStation. After a few minutes of playing we were greeted by Dr Nancy, Sno's pediatric dentist, who aims to make the kids feel comfortable from the get-go. After a few high fives and a friendly introduction, Dr Nancy led us to her surgery.

In the room, the team sat our little one down and explained all of the gadgets that they would use during her appointment - and each item had a name too. For example, the saliva sucking machine was given the name 'Baby Thirsty' and she was shown how it quickly would suck liquid via a cup filled with water, as well as on her tongue so she would know how it would feel in her mouth.

Dr Nancy also chatted to her about which foods are good or bad for teeth and the importance of brushing.

Dr Nancy introduces herself

The surgery is fitted out with all sorts of mod cons, including a TV screen positioned above the Tempur cushioned dental chair, so kids can watch movies from Tangled to Cars while their teeth are getting the once-over.

The little one was quite apprehensive and it took a lot of coaxing from Dr Nancy to persuade her to open her mouth, but with her calming assurance, it worked and she managed to check her teeth enough to see if there were any problems. (which there weren't - woo hoo!)

By the end of the appointment our cheeky monkey was feeling comfortable with being in the chair and was opening her mouth voluntarily. The patience of the team and the length of time they spent making her feel relaxed and safe was reassuring to both of us. (we must have been in there for a minimum of 45 mins)

At the end of the appointment the nipper was given a certificate and a dentist pack to take home with her including mirror, gloves, mask and apron. Let's just say we ended up being the patient at home!

Sno Dental has two branches in Abu Dhabi (Delma Street and Yas Mall) and just like the kids, adults are made to feel comfortable with a wide range of dental experts - from general dentists to specialists.

The dental practice was started because they saw a need for safer, more transparent, and quality controlled dental care in the GCC. They believe there is a better way to dentistry, which is why they do things a little bit different than most others.

Check them out here

800 DENTIST (3368478)

Delma Street

Al Nahyan Camp, Plaza 30, Delma St. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Yas Mall

# 046, 1st Floor, Italian Boulevard Abu Dhabi, UAE