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The ultimate gift box for Pyjama lovers

For a lot of us, staying at home has meant hanging out in our Pyjamas and chilling in front of the TV. A new concept from @PJsevery30days means that you can still do that in the comfort of a new pair of Jim-jams every month.

The idea is a gift box arrives at the end of every month, containing a new pair of pyjamas, and four surprise pamper treats, with can include anything from toiletries, and tea to hair accessories.

The team say that "each month’s pyjamas have been designed for ultimate comfort and style and each surprise hand-picked to make you go to bed feeling like a queen and waking up ready to take over the world."

To order the gift that keeps on giving, head to and choose the subscription that works for you whether that's 'The commitment phone' (a one time purchase) or' The marriage material type' (a six month subscription). They also offer sizes S, M, L and XL.

Images supplied by PJs Every Day