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Tyra Banks brings her new ice cream venture to Abu Dhabi

Tyra Banks hit the capital this week for the Access Granted talk series. Speaking with Acting Director of the Abu Dhabi Investment Office, Abdulla Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi, and Access Abu Dhabi Founder, Sarah Omolewu, Banks discussed everything from ice cream, women in business and the metaverse.

Banks announced she has chosen Abu Dhabi as the first international branch of her latest business venture, SMiZE Cream. When asked why she chose the capital, Banks said Abu Dhabi touches her heart and added, “I am so inspired by what the UAE has done, from sand to the moon and just in 50 years.” She also highlighted that she’s excited by the nation’s progress in female empowerment, which is an essential cause for her.

No word yet on where we’ll be able to find SMiZE Cream in Abu Dhabi, but the supermodel did mention that she loves the atmosphere and beach at Mamsha Saadiyat.

Though ice cream may seem like an unusual move for the celebrity and former super model, Banks explained that she went into the ice cream business thanks to her mother. Every Friday night growing up, Banks said she and her mother would head to Hollywood Boulevard to get ice cream and talk about their dreams for life. Being divorced, Banks’ mum always hustled to help her family, and had a goal that every year she would get the family a new home with one more bedroom. All of which, she’d discuss with her daughter during their ice cream talks.

For Tyra, ice cream isn’t just about ice cream, it connects her to her mom, and reminds her that if you dream it, if you continue to talk about it, plot it, and plan it, it can come true. Tyra has no plans to keep SMiZE Cream just to ice cream either. Next month, the brand will open a physical and immersive metaverse experience in LA, along with a digital experience that will create a bridge between 'fantasy Hollywood and paradise Abu Dhabi' as she describes it. The television producer is also looking to create NFT and metaverse experiences that are affordable and accessible.

We'll update you when we find out where to buy SMiZE Cream in Abu Dhabi.

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