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UAE PR Agency is offering its employees paid leave for women's health related matters

Fully female workforce to receive paid leave for menstrual, menopause and fertility health matters.

TishTash Communications, located in Dubai, employs 48 women in its fully female workforce and prides itself on a people first approach.

From 1st March 2023, their team will be given paid leave for fertility and menopause treatments, and other women’s health related matters.

Paid leave for fertility treatments including egg freezing

With the numbers rising for those requiring fertility treatment to 1 in 5 couples, it can be a challenging time trying to juggle factors such as stress around work, taking time off and experiencing the fertility journey's medical requirements.

TishTash will provide paid leave for staff to attend medical appointments while undergoing fertility treatment, both inside and outside of the country, including those wishing to do egg freezing. The time off is flexible and unrestricted, as the company cannot assume to know what people will need and will take into account the physical and mental load that comes with undergoing such treatments.

Paid time off and support for Miscarriage, Menopause and Menstruation

Latest research shows that menopause symptoms are forcing women out of the workforce, with nearly 1 million women having left the workforce due to unmanageable symptoms.

The company has more than 10 of its team aged 35 – 45 within the wholly female workforce, and therefore the agency wants to create a culture where is it open and safe to talk about both the menopause and menstruation in general to prevent losing valuable experienced talent.

The TishTash policy offers:

  • Up to six days of menopause (and menstrual) leave per year, which is not part of the employees’ personal or sick leave.

  • The option to work from home where possible to prioritise comfort.

  • No requirement for medical certificates from women taking time off to manage symptoms.

  • 10 days leave off work if pregnancy ends before 24 weeks

In addition to paid leave for the team, the agency is including fertility and menopause education in their comprehensive training and development programme.

For more information visit or follow @TishTashTalks on Instagram for more information.

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