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A new indoor adventure park to open in Abu Dhabi

A new physically interactive and immersive indoor adventure park opens in Al Qana.


Appealing to all ages, Adrenark Adventure will have a wide range of entertaining and energy-expending facilities to get the heart racing.

It's located next to Pixoul Gaming and sprawling across 54,000 square feet, the largest adrenaline park in the region features 20 different exhilarating activities including climbing walls, rope courses, thrill rides, stunt bag jumps, and for the first time in the UAE a multi-level E-karting track that climbs three floors inside the building.

Adrenark Adventure will also offer roller gliders - the latest in zipline technology where you can accelerate and break as you twist through the full width of the building. There'll be LED slides, treasure caves, and even bungee trampolines. In addition, the toddlers can be let loose with rides, soft play, and mini rope courses..


Adrenark Adventure is set to open its doors in the first half of

this year.


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