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Early Childhood Development Fair to take place at Umm Al Emarat Park from 23-25 November 2023

From 23-25 November, Umm Al Emarat Park will be home to The Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Development Fair.

The Fair will provide an immersive opportunity for children, their families, parents and caregivers to explore interactive events, out-of-school activities, scientific and technical workshops, as well as fun experiences aimed at promoting the development of children and encouraging interactive play and family participation.

Most importantly, the Fair aims to foster learning through play, and effectively supports children's physical and mental development.

The three-day fair also includes 10 interactive sessions discussing various topics presented by a group of specialists in the fields of health and nutrition, child safety, early childcare and education, family support and many other topics of interest to parents, caregivers and children.

There will be interactive performances, including 21 special theatre performances, as well as areas dedicated to family entertainment, and other cultural areas featuring various libraries, as well as children's play gyms.

This event's objective is to provide parents and caregivers with the necessary tools, skills and resources to develop children's abilities from birth to the age of 8, through various workshops, sessions and other activities.

Open from 10am-10pm.


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