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Flamingo Collection opens at Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi

Flamingo Room by tashas at the Flamingo Collection in Abu Dhabi

Flamingo Collection in Abu Dhabi is finally open with three cool concepts includng Flamingo Room by tashas, African Lounge, and Collective Africa. Located on Al Maryah Island, here is what you need to know about all three locations.

Flamingo Room by tashas

Flamingo Room by tashas is inspired by African glamour, and promises a distinctive and highly personalised dining experience reminiscent of its sister venue in Dubai. The menu features dishes such as Calamari Mozambique, Lobster Pasta, Prawn Arancini, Scallops, and Liza's Lemon Cake.

You wont miss the large hand-blown glass installation by South African artist Mike Hyam which is an iconic fixture that is a key design element at all Flamingo Room venues.

The venue will be open from lunch through to evening cocktails and dinner.

African Lounge

African Lounge features a lounge experience, where you can immerse yourselves in a luxurious tented safari camp ambience. This retreat, hs indoor and outdoor seating, offers crafted mocktails, savoury bites, shareable plates, and exclusively serves the prestigious Mariage Frères tea.

Collective Africa: Inspired by Africa, Curated from Around the World

The third locacation in the UAE, Collective Africa is shopping experience celebrating heritage and contemporary design. At this luxury concept store you'll find pieces inspired by Africa and hand-picked from around the world, each with its own story of discovery and craftsmanship.

Now open to the public, The Flamingo Collection will treat guests to the best of African flavours and comforts–promising three awe-inspiring spaces full of wonder and enjoyment.

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