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Monoprix opens in Abu Dhabi with bespoke in-store concepts for the discerning shopper

The first Monoprix has opened in Abu Dhabi. An already popular location in Dubai for a variety of shopping needs, the new branch in the capital will include everything from high-quality foods, to the latest home décor all under one roof.

Monoprix also features bespoke in-store concepts such as the first interactive juice and salad bar, shop in shop wellness, Supercare pharmacy, plus a dedicated sustainable seating area.

For a local fresh market feel, Monoprix at Etihad Towers has a butchery offering a complete range of meats and choice cuts, a fish selection that includes fresh local, and regional catches, and cheese selections. There's baked goods and pastries too!

The store will be stocking local produce that support the company’s overall ‘farm to fork’ approach, whilst also housing an extensive range of high-quality private label food and non-food products.

There's an exclusive beauty and personal care section and a Maison concept where the ‘art of living’ is celebrated through a selection of the finest houseware, from cutlery and glassware, to storage, linen and décor pieces - all with simple lines and earthy colours.

And if you can't carry all that home, Monoprix at Etihad Towers is offering home delivery and online shopping.

Monoprix Etihad Towers is now open and operates from 7:30am till 11:00pm daily in Avenue by Etihad Towers.


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