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New confidence-building workshops to combat emotional fatigue, burnout and effects of past trauma

Breathes Wellness has launched a series of value-for-money, confidence-building workshops to help people reassess, regroup and recover from stress, burnout and other issues that cause emotional distress.

Natalie Hore, accredited life coach and founder of UAE-based Breathes Wellness, is using her own experience in moving on from personal trauma to help others. Her own personal experience of trauma earlier in life which prevented happiness and drained self-confidence, is what drives her in proving that it can be overcome through acceptance and self-care – even many years after problems first set in.

The Breathes Wellness workshops focus on 13 tools known universally as essential to healing: meditation, mindfulness, breathing, journaling, muscle relaxation, movement, laughter, self-care, sunshine, socializing, gratitude, change and sleep. You can also choose to receive tailored advice and wellness plans to continue your self-empowerment journey after the courses.

The next event, in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, 14 May, is open for bookings at for AED150.

This event, called Managing Stress, takes place at 4.30pm at Open Circle Yoga, Khalidya Palace Rayhhan Hotel, Abu Dhabi. The course will cover the impact of stress on the body, and apply meditation, breathing, mindfulness exercises, yoga and sound immersion to reduce emotional fatigue, reconnect the mind and body, regulate the nervous system and mood, improve digestion and enhance sleep.


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