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New Exhibition Takes Visitors On A Trip Down Memory Lane

Folktales Reimagined exhibition is being held from 16 October to 16 November at the Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi.

The exhibition will present artworks by 10 Emirati, five Italian, and five Mexican illustrators, who have reimagined characters from the most popular folktales of their respective cultures to showcase the perspectives and experiences of the new generation.

The exhibition caters to children and young people and will be accompanied by a public programme centred around folktales from the three cultures.

“Folktales with a New Vision through Painting”, presented by artist Magdy Al-Kafrawi, will be organised from 26 to 29 October, offering an interactive experience aimed at breathing new life into folktales through drawing. It is open to both professional artists and illustrators as well as individuals passionate about folktales, whether or not they have expertise in traditional or digital drawing techniques.

There will also be reading sessions tailored for children, where they can explore a variety of cultural stories. Additionally, arts and crafts workshops will be organised for children to enjoy throughout the exhibition period. School visits to the exhibition are also planned for the mornings on Mondays through Thursdays.

Folktales Reimagined is being overseen by UAEBBY and aims to celebrate heritage, promote cross-cultural dialogue and exchange creative ideas.